Which Pikler Triangle Is The Best? The Top 5 Analysis

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In the realm of children’s play equipment, the Pikler triangle has emerged as a beloved choice for fostering physical development, imagination, and open-ended play. With several brands offering their versions of this climbing structure, it can be challenging for parents and caregivers to identify the ideal choice. In this article, we delve into the world of Pikler triangles, examining and comparing five prominent brands, with the aim of determining the ultimate champion. Join us as we explore the features, innovations, and overall value provided by each brand, and unveil our winner—a Pikler triangle that stands out in terms of sustainability, educational value, design, and longevity. Let’s embark on this exciting journey to find the perfect Pikler triangle for young adventurers!

There are a few top brands for this toy… But just one winner! Let’s see our champion!

1. The Champion: Pikler Triangle from GROWGO

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Materials & Quality: Amazing. All-natural wood, safe for kids, & sustainable. The corners are round, the wood is smooth, and the construction is super sturdy & durable. Check this article on 10 things to consider material quality when buying Pikler climber

Below, we’ve summarized the key findings about the craftsmanship quality of GROWGO climber:

*Top image GROWGO climber, bottom image climber we decided not to include in this review.

Safe: passed the ASTM standard & received US CPS certificate

Versatility: The most versatile toy out there. With the set, you’ll get the Pikler Triangle, a 6-in-1 ramp (a climber, a slide, & a rocker), a tent cover, three wooden balls for playing Pinball, AND an interactive packaging box that turns into a craft project.

A multipurpose 6in1 toy that fosters child skills in most important early development areas

Longevity: It grows with the child for more than a couple of years. The age range for this toy is from 6 months to 7 years. It means a few things: this toy can be used in any stage of your toddlers’ development, it will be an amazing hand-down toy for younger siblings, AND more than one child can also use it at the same time.

It will grow with your kid and will last you years!

Value for money: Honestly… it’s unbelievably good. No quality Pikler is a cheap one. The GROWGO Pikler triangle falls within a reasonable price range for any Pikler triangle. But it offers so much more than a standard one! Not only is this the best investment you can make for your child, it’s a total steal! We’ll take a more in-depth look at the GROWGO Pikler triangle further in this article, but it’s already our favorite choice!

At an affordable price, it serves until the age of 6.

I loved the materials: it is plywood, but I haven’t seen any Wooden Pikler Climber made differently. However, the GROWGO Pikler is made from premium quality wood for sure.


2. Second Place: Pikler Triangle from BABY K

Materials & Quality: Good. This is also a nice choice. The plywood is natural and safe, and the construction is sturdy. It also has a cute design that kids will like.

Versatility: Halfway there. This Pikler triangle gets second place by being a 3-in-1 toy. It comes with a ramp that can be used as a climber or as a slide – just like the GROWGO Pikler. However, this ramp doesn’t have the rocking feature, there are no wooden balls added, and no cotton tent. Plus, the packaging doesn’t have a second life, as in GROWGO’s case.

Longevity: Not bad. This toy also grows with the child, but when we have the GROWGO’s Pikler to compare it to, it still doesn’t match it. The GROWGO toy has a tent cover that offers an advanced playing option for older kids, while this one might get boring for kids over 4 years old.

Value for money: Good. Considering all, it’s still a nice option that will get the job done and bring joy to your little ones. It just could use a few more play options for the price.

GROWGO Pikler Triangle surpasses the BABY K Pikler with its unmatched versatility, ensuring years of use and making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

3. A Similar Choice on a Budget: Pikler Triangle from Ogelo

Materials & Quality: Alright. In terms of materials, this is good. In terms of design, less so. It’s still nice, but it lacks colors and the cute design that GROWGO or BABY K offer. Also, the slide has no protective sides, so it might be a bit more dangerous for the kid. But the price is lower, so it checks out.

Versatility: Same as the second place. There’s not much more to add other than this is a more affordable version of the BABY K toy.

Longevity: Same as the second place. It will last you a couple of years, so, for its price, it’s alright.

Value for money: So-so. If you’re really on a budget, this, of course, is better than just any toy. Any Pikler triangle is valuable! However, this investment will be more short-term, and we highly suggest getting a more expensive toy that will truly last a lifetime.

GROWGO Pikler Triangle surpasses the Ogelo Pikler in Materials Quality.

4. A Tent Variation: Pikler Triangle from Driddle

Materials & Quality: Alright. This one is on par with BABY K. The quality is very nice, and the design is pretty, adding a splash of color. However, some comments suggest that it falls apart after some use, so be extra attentive when assembling it. 

Versatility: So-so. This variation offers a tent cover but nothing else. It’s still better than nothing and a choice for people who need to save money, but it fades in comparison to the GROWGO Pikler.

Longevity: A shorter lifespan. The tent adds an element of extra excitement, but we have to admit: children might get bored of this one quicker than the others.

Value for money: So-so. It’s a more affordable toy, but still not cheap. If you can spend 74 bucks, why not add some more and get something that will last longer?

GROWGO Pikler Triangle surpasses the Driddle Pikler in Reliability.

5. The Basics Only: Pikler Triangle from BENKRYFREJA

Materials & Quality: Not bad. This Pikler triangle costs as much as the fourth one but has no tent and no colors. How come? We believe it has to do with a slightly better quality of the build, as there are less negative comments on this one.

Versatility: Very limited. Well, as the title states, these are the basics. Just the Pikler triangle and nothing else.

Longevity: Short. With no additions to the set, this Pikler will be the first one to get outgrown. To extend its life, you’ll have to thing of something yourself or buy extra parts.

Value for money: Not great. Don’t get us wrong, the price is kind of fair considering the natural materials, heaviness, and everything that goes into ensuring that the toy is safe. But you’ll have to buy extra toys to get the most out of this Pikler. Why not just buy a full set beforehand?

The GROWGO Pikler Triangle serves for more years compared to the Benkryfreja.

The GROWGO Pikler Triangle: Unmatched Versatility and Value


The GROWGO Pikler triangle truly stands out as the ultimate choice, offering an array of features and play options that cater to a child’s diverse needs and developmental stages.

With all the added features, it grows with the child’s ever-evolving needs.

The Pikler Triangle itself

The core of the GROWGO set, this beautifully crafted wooden structure provides a sturdy foundation for climbing, crawling, and pulling up, fostering essential gross motor skills and promoting balance and coordination.

The Multi-Functional Ramp

The included ramp in the GROWGO set offers three distinct uses. It is double-sided: smooth on one side and boasting colorful climbing stones on the other. When placed on the Pikler’s frame, it becomes a thrilling climber, encouraging children to conquer new heights. Flipped over, it transforms into a smooth slide, inviting endless fun and giggles. Moreover, with its curved sides, the ramp doubles as a rocker, providing an additional dimension of play and enhancing motor skills.

Wooden Balls for Pinball

Adding an element of excitement and skill-building, the GROWGO set includes 3 colorful wooden balls that can be rolled down the ramp, engaging children in playful pinball-like activities. This feature enhances hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and strategic thinking while providing endless entertainment.

Imaginative Tent Cover

The GROWGO Pikler triangle comes complete with a cotton tent cover, elevating play possibilities to new heights. Whether children are embarking on a camping adventure, hosting a tea party, or creating imaginative scenarios, the tent cover sparks creativity and nurtures storytelling skills within a cozy play space. It also provides kids with a private area to relax and feel safe.

Packaging Box turned Craft Project

Going beyond the product itself, GROWGO impresses with their commitment to sustainability and creativity. The packaging box ingeniously transforms into a cardboard puppet theater, stimulating artistic expression and imaginative play as children engage with cut-out cardboard puppets. This thoughtful addition reinforces the brand’s dedication to eco-friendliness and provides additional value beyond the initial purchase.

With its comprehensive set of features and play options, the GROWGO Pikler triangle emerges as the epitome of versatility and value.

The GROWGO Pikler triangle caters to various developmental stages, stimulates creativity and imaginative play, fosters motor skills, and embodies sustainability. By choosing the GROWGO Pikler triangle, parents and caregivers provide their children with an all-encompassing play experience that supports growth, learning, and endless joy.


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    Laura Johnson

    The GROWGO pikler is amazing! It provides endless hours of fun and helps my kids develop their motor skills and coordination.

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      Sarah Thompson

      My kids love the GROWGO pikler! It’s a great way for them to stay active and improve their balance and agility.

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      Emily Davis

      The GROWGO pikler is a fantastic investment! My kids love climbing and exploring on it, and it’s been a great addition to their playtime.

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