Pikler Climbers: Premium vs. Budget – Unveiling the $100 Price Difference

10 Essential Tips Before Purchasing a Pikler Climber

Premium vs Cheaper
Comparative photo: the thicker plywood on the left climber

Pikler climbers are like the superhero of kids’ playtime, boosting motor skills and creativity. But hey, with so many options out there, figuring out which one to get can feel like solving a puzzle. We’ll check out all the techie stuff, compare the nitty-gritty details, and see if shelling out that extra $100 for GROWGO 6in1 Pikler triangle set up is really worth it.

Value Judgment: Alright, let’s talk turkey. Buying stuff is always a trade-off between what you get and what you pay. The GROWGO versus Cheaper Climber showdown perfectly captures this struggle. Both promise to jazz up your kid’s playtime, but is GROWGO’s higher price tag really worth it? We’ll dig into all the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff to figure out if splurging that extra cash is a smart move or just throwing money away. Get ready for a deep dive into Pikler climbers, where every dollar counts!

BONUS1: At the end of this article we will compare DYI project materials prices of the higher quality product.


Price*: $279.99 (shipping included)

Price*: $209.45 (shipping included)

*price listed at the time article was written

  1. Aesthetics & Finish Quality:
    • Are the climbers visually appealing and well-crafted?
    • Do they look sturdy and durable?
    • Are there any rough edges or imperfections in the finish?
  2. Safety:
    • Are there any sharp edges or potential hazards?
    • Do the climbers meet safety standards and certifications?
    • Are there any small parts that could pose a choking hazard?
  3. Packaging:
    • Are there any environmentally friendly aspects to the packaging?

Aesthetics & Finish Quality

1. Climber’s structural strength

Plywood thickness

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

The plywood is twice as thick as the cheaper one.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

Less sturdy.

2. Inset vs. Exposed Screws

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

GROWGO screws

Inset screws. It’s generally preferred to have inset screws for a safer and more user-friendly play experience.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

Cheaper screws

Exposed screws on a Pikler climber can potentially pose safety hazards for kids, such as causing scratches or catching on clothing.

3. Rough edges or imperfections

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

GRWGO side finish

We noticed few eye-catching imperfections, but they were smoothed out and covered with a layer of varnish.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

Cheaper side finish

We discovered rough edges and imperfections, particularly in areas where the finishing quality was lacking. This issue extends across all parts of the product.

4. Design choice of the ramp

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

Growgo Ramp design

The aesthetic appearance is pleasing, resembling rocks that are glued. The rocks are painted, and while it seems that the paint may chip, it is food-proof paint, ensuring it is not harmful to children.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

Cheaper Ramp design

We did not like aesthetic look of the ramp, which screws to hold stones were visually seen.

5. Dowels finish quality

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

GROWGO screws

Varnish applied dowells, smooth surface.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

Cheaper screws

Without varnish, the surface is less smooth. It’s hard to determine which option is better, but without varnish, the dowels may accumulate dirt more quickly.


6. Dowels rotation

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

We discovered a special cut in the dowels which helps to stabilize them.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

If the screws aren’t tightly screwed, the dowels may rotate. This could pose a danger for younger toddlers, as they might slip while climbing on such unstable dowels.

7. The shape of the legs contributes to stability

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

GROWGO Pikler legs

The entire structure of the Pikler legs covers the floor, enhancing the stability of the overall structure.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

Cheaper climber legs

The Pikler leg is cut into a half-circle, reducing the contact area with the floor and thereby decreasing stability. It’s important to note that screws have been added to attach the leg to the floor.

8. The ramp attaches to the Pikler

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

GROWGO climber ramp attachment

The ramp attaches to the dowel with a special cut using straps on both sides.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

Cheaper climber ramp attachment

The ramp attaches using a special cut. Looks like a less safe option.

10. Packaging

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber

growgo pikler climber

The box and packaging parts are made from cardboard, and the box can be transformed into a puppet theater. This feature makes it exceptionally sustainable.

Cheaper Climbing Set of 3

cheaper pikler climber

There is a significant amount of foam and plastic inside the package.

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Research Confirmed: Premium Pikler Climber Ensures Longevity and Resale Value for Years

  • Aesthetics & Finish Quality:
    • GROWGO: Superior craftsmanship with refined plywood finish, no rough edges, and thoughtful details like inset screws.
    • Budget Option: Lacks the finesse of GROWGO, with less attention to detail in finish and craftsmanship.
  • Safety:
    • GROWGO: Thicker plywood construction, secure dowel attachments preventing rotation, and sturdy leg design enhance safety and stability.
    • Budget Option: While meeting basic safety standards, lacks the robustness and attention to detail found in GROWGO.
  • Packaging:
    • GROWGO: Environmentally friendly packaging using only cardboard, with the added bonus of a box that transforms into a puppet theater.
    • Budget Option: Utilizes plastic in packaging, lacking the eco-conscious approach of GROWGO.

In conclusion, while both Pikler climbers offer a platform for active play, the premium craftsmanship and superior material quality of GROWGO set it apart from the budget option. With careful consideration of safety, aesthetics, and sustainability, investing in the GROWGO Pikler climber ensures a superior play experience for your child.

BONUS: List of materials required to build DIY Pikler climber sourced from Home Depot

In our pursuit of understanding the true value of the GROWGO Pikler climber, we meticulously measured its components and researched the cost of materials from Home Depot. This analysis sheds light on the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of DIY construction compared to purchasing the ready-made product.

Item from Home DepotPrice at the time article written
Screws & gaskets (50 pieces)$20
Varnish for the wooden parts$10
1 Hard Plywood sheet$53
13 Dowels$55
Cotton tent±$30
Time to build it?
Gas to bring materials home?
GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber set up price$279.99*
*includes free shipping, which for a bulky item costs between $50-$100
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