Save Your Kids From Allergies: Top 5 Ways To Get Them Interact With Nature & Build Immunity

We Have Tested These 5 Outdoor Toys… But Which Ones Actually Work?

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids healthy and happy? If so, you might want to consider encouraging them to spend more time playing outside. Research has shown that outdoor play and exposure to nature can have numerous benefits for children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. In fact, studies have suggested that spending time outdoors in nature can even help to reduce a child’s risk of developing allergies and asthma.

The Risk Of Developing Allergies

Allergies have become more common in kids lately, and that’s not good news. When someone’s immune system overreacts to something harmless, like pollen or dust, it can cause sneezing, itching, and other unpleasant symptoms. Some studies have found that kids who spend more time indoors and less outside in nature are more likely to develop allergies and experience all the unpleasant symptoms.

Get dirty? Maybe you should!

One reason outdoor play can be so beneficial for children is that it provides opportunities for them to engage in physical activity and develop important motor skills. Whether they’re running, jumping, climbing, or playing sports, children who spend time outdoors are more likely to be active and physically fit than those who spend most of their time indoors. Additionally, playing in the dirt and being exposed to microbes in nature can help strengthen a child’s immune system and reduce their risk of developing allergies and other health issues. While it’s important for children to maintain good hygiene practices, getting a little dirty from time to time is a natural and healthy part of childhood development. Moreover, outdoor play can promote creativity, imagination, and a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world.

How To Do It The Right Way?

By providing toys that are specifically designed for playing in the dirt, you can help your child develop a love for nature and the outdoors. Toys can also be used to promote learning and make playing in the dirt more fun. Engagement and entertainment are powerful motivators that can inspire children to put down their screens and head outdoors. Whether playing with friends, going on a nature scavenger hunt, or experimenting with outdoor toys and games, there are countless ways to create a fun outdoor experience. We’ve listed five toys that can achieve just that. Let’s take a look!

1. GROWGO Mud Kitchen & Grocery Store

Pros: natural materials, running water, realistic & functional, multi-functional, encourages kids to play outside, develops practical skills, promotes social play, increases creativity, bonus bug hotel

Cons: a higher price point (but we think it’s worth it!)

If we’re talking mud, nothing outshines a mud kitchen. Especially this one from GROWGO. Not only does it provide a fun way to interact with natural resources, it actually teaches kids practical life skills. Children learn to work with their hands, recognize textures, measure, pretend-cook, and clean up after themselves. The kitchen / restaurant / grocery store / lemonade stand also provides plenty of opportunities to play with friends or family and get better at social interactions. And the best part? The packaging box turns into a bug hotel, encouraging kids to explore the natural world even more, building up their immune systems while getting educated on wildlife.

By far, GROWGO 2-in-1 Mud Kitchen or Grocery Store is the most efficient new toy on the market for this summer.


2. Vivianan Kids Gardening Tools Set

Pros: realistic & functional tools, encourages kids to play outside, teaches kids about gardening, the child can be your helper

Cons: plastic materials, kids might not find it “fun”

One of the best ways to get kids to play with soil is to get them into gardening! This colorful garden tool set will turn your child into a little helper who will enjoy working alongside you, planting flowers and tending to veggies. Gardening also is an educational activity that will teach your children a lot about nature and food. However, it might seem more work than play to them, so it had to go to second place.

3. TOY Life Sand Toys For Kids

Pros: a wide variety of tools, durable, promotes creative thinking through building, use it in a sandbox or the beach, affordable

Cons: plastic materials, only one type of play, kids might get bored of it

If you own a sandbox, this set will have your kid playing outside all day. The beautiful color scheme and cute designs will grab their attention, and all the different tools will nurture their creativity. Kids can use buckets, shovels, a truck, and even castle pieces to build whatever their imaginations come up with! Although a sandbox is a less natural environment, it’s the perfect choice for folks who don’t own a big backyard.

4. Vodolo Beach Mesh Shovel With Bag

Pros: encourages kids to play outside, very simple to use, gives kids something to do while at the beach, affordable

Cons: very limited use, for beach-trips only

This is guaranteed to become one of the favorite summer activities for kids! So simple yet so entertaining, this set is designed for collecting sea shells and pebbles. The shovel is easy to use, and the purchase comes with a bag for storing all your findings. However, there isn’t much more than that, and you can only do it when you’re at the seaside. But consider using all the shells you’ve collected in some mud pies!

5. Elipark Wooden Bug Hotel

Pros: educational, encourages exploration of nature, teaches kids about the natural world, sustainable

Cons: more of an educational tool than a toy. With the GROWGO Mud Kitchen, you get it as a bonus

Last but not least, a bug hotel is an incredible tool to get kids interested in nature. To set it up, children will have to go and gather a variety of natural resources, such as rocks, leaves, pinecones, twigs, and moss. And then they’ll get to observe all the interesting bugs that reside there! This is great for building up their immune systems as well as for teaching them about the natural world. However, there’s a simple reason this listing goes to the last place: it’s because, with GROWGO, you get a bug hotel for free!

You Won’t Miss With The GROWGO Mud Kitchen

The GROWGO mud kitchen is the perfect toy for kids who love to play and explore outdoors. Not only is it a fun and engaging activity for kids, but it also provides numerous benefits to their development. This particular mud kitchen is designed with multiple features that make it stand out from other toys on the market.

The GROWGO mud kitchen has some incredible features. With a running water tap, sink, and realistic oven door with a magnet lock, kids will feel like they’re cooking up a storm in their very own kitchen. The addition of wire baskets gives them the perfect spot to store all of their play food and utensils. And let’s not forget about the bell! With the ability to ring the bell when their “meal” is ready, kids will feel like real chefs in a bustling restaurant. All of these features work together to create an immersive and realistic play experience that will keep your child entertained for hours on end.

With a kitchen on one side and a stand on the other, kids can play grocery store or serve lemonade. This not only keeps the play experience fresh and exciting but also promotes social interaction as kids can take turns playing different roles. Also, the packaging box turns into a bug hotel, further promoting the exploration of the natural world and increasing the educational value of the toy.

In conclusion, the GROWGO Mud Kitchen has the biggest potential. It’s a highly educational AND highly engaging toy that will help your kids develop a myriad of life skills. It will get them out of the house and will keep them busy for hours, as it’s an incredibly fun toy on its own. If you’re gonna invest in your kid’s future, this is THE investment.


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    Laura Johnson

    The GROWGO mud kitchen has been a game-changer for my grandkids! It encourages them to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the sunshine while having fun with imaginative play.

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      Sarah Thompson

      My kids absolutely love playing with the GROWGO mud kitchen! It’s a fantastic way for them to get outside, soak up some vitamin D, and let their creativity run wild.

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      Emily Davis

      The GROWGO mud kitchen has been a wonderful addition to our backyard! It’s amazing how it keeps my kids engaged and active outdoors. They enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while cooking up their mud creations!

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